Freeman Coffee Company Whole Bean Premium Micro-batch Coffee

At Freeman Coffee Company, “Mug Tested” means we test our whole bean premium micro-batch coffee the way you drink it.   You won’t find people in white lab-coats slurping-then-spitting coffee from little silver spoons reminiscing on how this coffee reminds them of the freshness of a summers-eve.   When it comes time for Freeman coffee to test a new roast, we call our friends, pull out the comfy chairs and brew a pot (or three) and talk.  You see, truly good coffee doesn’t smack you in the face and shout “Pay attention to my fruity undertones and smoky aftertaste”.  Good coffee is just there.  You drink it, you enjoy it and it doesn’t intrude on your intimate conversation or self-effacing jokes or make you worry if the next cup will turn your stomach.   Good coffee enhances the moment, needs no audience and it’s what we do.