Easy -- the way YOU like it best.   Personally, I like using a french press -- it's environmentally friendly and easy to clean up but if you are spending too much time worrying about water temperature, specific gravity and vacuum seals you are doing it wrong :)  I'ts just coffee -- it's supposed to be done the way YOU like it!  Just remember glass or very high quality stainless steel to stop flavour leeching.

One Important thing!  You should never use a brewer that has a heating element and you should try to drink your coffee before it starts to drop below 75 degrees C.   The first will slowly change the flavour of coffee making it more acidic and bitter -- even tasting burnt.  The second, as your coffee cools some of the compounds in it will reform into acids altering the flavour.

Where can I purchase your coffee?

Short answer?  Because I can.  Part of the fun of roasting coffee is in trying new things.   Coffee, grown on the same mountain can taste completely different depending on the plant growing on the bottom or the top of the mountain.  Also, coffee availability is, in part, like produce.  Some times of the year one type is available and at other times they are not and unless you are stockpiling warehouses of coffee you have to learn to enjoy having your cup travel around the world.  Trust us, we will always make sure it tastes great.

Why does your coffee selection differ from week to week?

I could make a lot more money if I did pods -- but no.   I just have a problem charging someone $1.50 for a pod that contains $0.05 of coffee and $1.00 of plastic.  That and my daughters would hound me on the environmental impact -- making my life unbearable.  

Are you going to do K-Cups?

Yes.   If we can't be assured that a fair price is being paid to the coffee farmers we just won't buy it.  The goal is to make 'enough' money not ALL the money.

Whats the best way to brew coffee?

Is your coffee Organic?

Is your coffee organically grown?

Yes, our coffee is composed of organic compounds.

That depends... are you "Mug Testing" with us in one of the back-yard comfy chairs?  If so, then yes!   If not, just drink it the way you like it!  A good coffee will still taste good if you add a little (little being the operative word) extra to it -- but we aren't going to thumb our noses at you if you like cream in your coffee --  I like ketchup on my french-fries and ice in my scotch.

Should I only drink my coffee black?

We are only selling coffee at the Bearspaw farmers' market at the moment but as we grow we will be offering coffee for sale in other ways.   Please stop by the farmers' market -- there are wonderful vendors there selling some awesome goods.

Not always.  Organic is BIG business  and  much of the coffee we purchase comes from small farms -- places where families have been growing coffee the same way for generations.   Most of them can not afford the large sums of money required to become certified or maintain certification.

Is  your coffee Fair trade?